weekly reading list: The Sartorialist (a video diary)

found this post recently on the blog 2 or 3(things i know). The Sartorialist is just one of the many street photographers who i admire. whether it matters to you or not, street style has taken over the whole world and rocked the fashion industry for the wonderful better, in this one gal's opinion. you can read all kinds of studies on fashion theory or the busting up of big fashion whigs and the industry with the explosion of internet fashion blogs. anyhow, i'll quite rambling. here is this lovely little video story.


saturday grooves

my local npr station here in murray, wkms, has a wonderful folk and bluegrass show on saturday mornings, called music from the front porch. it's always nice to spend your saturday mornings listening to cozy music like this. today they played one of my favorites, tony rice's version of church st. blues.

like most folk songs, it's hard to know where they first came from, that's part of the reason they're folk songs, they're pre loved and passed on. after doing a little research, i believe i found the origin of this song, the legendary norman blake. here is his version of church st. blues, which i believe he first wrote and recorded.


i'm going to Omaha

my leetle cousin has moved to Omaha, Nebraska. it's cold there. and i've never been. i don't like the cold all that much, and i don't know how i feel about Nebraska, but after seeing this adorable little kitchen she's fashioned for herself in a week's time, i feel like i need to get out there, and pretty quick. i'm coming, m. and i'm bringing a skillet.

HERE ALONG THE WAY..: Tokens: "For those of you I haven't spoken with in days, months, years, or for those of you I've never even met, I recently moved from Murray, Kentuc..."


a new year

whew. it's already here. i'm okay with that. i have no clue what this year holds, but i am looking forward to the surprises. here is a short list of resolutions things i'd like to do in 2011.

1. take more walks
2. read more books, less (dumb) fashion rags (this excludes the good ones)
3. more experiments in the kitchen
4. listen to new music
5. do at least one nice thing for someone else every day.
6. balance the bills early (....is this possible?)
7. maker wiser decisions
8. perfect those sewing skills er, just practice 
9. write more letters
10. learn to can, and make jam, and relish, and grow a garden...
12. take more spontaneous trips
11. and finally, blog more!