the lady behind the lens

Sweet and fun little interview with Jeana Sohn, the woman who started the blog we all wish we would have - - the utterly addicting Closet Visit. I'll go ahead and be a snob and say I've been frantically following this site since her very first visit with Heather Taylor, before the .com ever came to be. I waited anxiously every Sunday night/Monday morning for her latest addition to be posted. All of her success and talent have of course only lead to many more projects, all as great as the last, but damn, Jeana, I need my Closet Visits! Mondays were never so good... :)

Jeana is, aside from everything else, an incredible artists. Her photography on Closet Visit is as carefully curated as the characters and creatures in her paintings. I can't explain the feeling I get when I look at her work, but it's something like a summation of all the things I crave for when I think about beauty, or prettiness. Hmm, it's also a little like looking at Closet Visit. Her work seems sweet and incredibly thoughtful, and probably a lot of other things I'm failing to accentuate right now. Anyhow,

Interview here.

Jeana's Artwork, here.


The Golden Age of Radio

I hope this will always be my anthem.
                                                   Golden Age of Radio by Josh Ritter on Grooveshark


ahh, fall.



DIY: Metal Tipped Collar

I've been lusting after numerous metal tipped collars that I've seen all over the internetz and some that I've even had to handle and put the expensive tags on at my job. They're all so pricey, which really gets me down because they are also all pretty much sweatshop made, and I refuse to spend mass amounts of money on products where basically 0% of the profit goes to the person who made the garment. In this respect, designers (and the corporations who sell their brands )make me sick, but that's a tangent for another day.  Anyhow, a lovely little DIY from Cats & Rocking Chairs.

You'll need:
-Card Corners 
(Found at a craft or supply store, also used for photo edges in scrapbooking)
-Matching (or not) thread
-Sewing needle
-Any pointed collar blouse 
(I'm going to use one of the many silk ones I've thrifted over the years)

Good luck, friends!


Menswear in a Woman's World

errday, allday

Menswear, Menswear, Menswear!

Sick of me blogging about this yet?

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, fall.


my friend Trev

I'm often a lucky recipient of this stuff, 
he likes to send me these special things in the mail.
also, these videos! 
they're only seconds long,
check them out. 


twenty-four years old today. 
boyfriend's making me a delicious cake and we have soooo much fresh food. 
if you're in Richmond and hungry, come to our house.
oh yeah, cute little crop top is a present from boyfriend's mom, 
the roses are from my fam.


i want fancy cheese

Having a full time job does crazy things to me.
Crazy things like buying $170 jeans (discounted a little, of course)
And wanting things ALL the time, when I need No things...Nothings!
Make money, spend money. Such a dumb concept.
My favorite material things were always those that I worked hard to find
they cost little, and were hidden among the other junk
in grungy and crowded thrift stores & flea markets.
Here, in the big city, they shops are just as dirty and overpopulated,
but prices are so high,
and awesome finds are fewer (maybe not such a bad thing)...
More hunters, less to gather, you know.

Here's how life was for a minute:
I started my new job.
There was an earthquake.
My bike got stolen.
There was a hurricane (note doggy in rain jacket).
I found some cool antique furniture at a good price.
Phil and I made a wall collage.
I didn't cut my hair (but I almost did).
I found some more cool shit at good prices.

I'm off to the store for some fancy cheese. Hope whatever you're wanting you're getting!


best of luck

I can't even explain to you the ridiculous amount of good fortune I've been having lately. First, I got the job I'd been pining for! I will explain more in the future, but tomorrow is my first day and I can't wait.

As if that weren't enough, I've had great luck with deals the last few days. Phil and I went for a bike ride Saturday and happened upon a yard sale. Got those four Beatles records for $10! And, that Guatemalan duffel bag, which is huge, for $3!

Also, that pair of 90s ankle boots I found at a thrift store for a song, and that little print blouse in the last photo, too.

Anyway, still no internet at home, so I'm always rushed when I get my fix, but I want to know how everyone else's luck has been lately.

Hope everyone's end of summer/beginning of fall is getting off to a good start!