little house with a brick wall

Well, phil and i have found the perfect place, if only we could know that it will be ours. We're talking to realtors early in the morning, so maybe we'll know more then. for now, wishful thinking.
Images Ashley Helvey's place via the Design Sponge shoot

images via sleepy fawn
City living will be different, and something i've never experienced before, but i'm excited to try. The little place that we want has a backyard for moondog, one exposed brick wall that goes through the whole house, and a working fire place! let's keep our fingers crossed.

images via ringo, have a banana


things of new

I'm currently writing from the lovely and ultra hip city of Richmond, Virginia. My bf and I are here apartment hunting for our move in August (I think we found a winner, but we shall see). Anyhow, right before we hit the road Thursday afternoon the mail fairy (aka the UPS lady) dropped off some gifts that I can't seem to stop impulsively purchasing offline.
wooden platform heels-actually super comfortable. via LuLu's

suede ankle boots via endless.com. they came in the very next day.

And some flea market finds as well.
adorable hat i'm in love with put will probably have to put up in my etsy (tis a little small for me).

Chanel inspired purse from Miss Martha's antique shop in Hazel, Ky. 

how cute are these!?

Annie Hall inspired vintage hat.

And another quilted chain strap purse.


Garden Inspiration

Today, my dad came over and helped me till up a patch in the backyard for my first little garden of my own. My dad is a farmer, so he knows what's up. But for now, i'm starting out small. Baby steps. And hey, a girl can dream.

And more Annie Novak from her Selby Interview
All photos are of Annie Novak and the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn.

Everybody's gotta start somewhere, right? I will post photos of the progression of my little garden soon.

What are your garden plans?


Re Pete

Listening to Tristen once again. Charlatan's at the Garden Gate is so damn good! Get it. Not to mention she's adorable, smart, and has such a cool, laid back style. Like all badass rock n roll ladies. Happy Saturday.

Tristen - Baby Drugs from Tristen on Vimeo.


well, la-di-da

 I love this saying. That's because it belongs to Annie Hall and my good guy friends (and woody allen fanatics) used to always tell me in high school that I was her and she was me and so, yeah.

Anyway, some fun was had yesterday in Audrey's back yard.
 Let's take a look at fun, shall we?

first, Audrey went and built herself a fire. she done did it.
Then, Aud took me from pre-bangs to shebangs! boom!


She's quite handy with the scissors. And pretty fun, too. 
And a good veggie dog cooker!

So, Thanks Aud!

And because my boyfriend has been listening to Fleet Foxes new album Helplessness Blues non-stop, here is Annie and Paul. (Just listen to the new album and you'll understand)

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues by subpop

What do i know!?

In regards to that last post, I stand corrected about Middle Brother. I thought it was all John McCauley and turns out this dude, Taylor Goldsmith, is totally wonderfully fantastic! He is in the band Dawes, who I now know have been perusing and enjoying thanks to the wonders of the internet. Anyhow, here. He's great.

I can't get enough of Middle Brother these last few days, and this terribly depressing and jump around the room song. Go ahead, jump around the room. Bang your head. It feels good!


The Country Way

I wore this video out when it was posted in the winter. I sort of know Andrew through a mutual friend and have had a major girl crush on Caitlin Rose for years. I blogged about her in one of my first posts way back when (as in, like, september...).

Anyhow, I saw that this country music compilation had been put out with lots of new younger folks on the scene like Caitlin and Andrew, as well as Justin Townes Earle, Jessica Lea Mayfield the Apache Relay and my new favorite Middle Brother (mostly just because Deer Tick's John Mccauley). There are also some veteran badasses like Buddy Miller, Marty Stewart and Steve Earle, Justin's epic papa (they don't get links, they're too famous). So, I hope some of you folks enjoy this mix, and, this Middle Brother video (with Johnny Corndawg, another new fav of mine [who i just found out is sort of related to David Alan Coe!?] also included in the compilation). Alright, enough rambling.

Wow, has anyone ever seen so many links? Go wild, yall.


hair & make-up

so, an obvious fact to anyone who knows me, i have never been too concerned with hair or make-up. my hair is basically the same as it has always been; long, uncolored, not really a styled cut, and aside from the occasional straightening, it usually just hangs pretty nondescriptly.

for the most part this has never bothered me, but lately, i have felt overly lame in the beauty department. my friend Audrey always has flawless make-up and amazing hair. And my friend Sarah just got back from France and was so kind to share her amazing Yves St. Laurent lipstick with me! It really changed my whole day, that expensive french lipstick.

Today, I stumbled upon the extremely popular A Cup Of Jo blog, where Joanna had shared these awesome and easy hair-dos. I will definitely be trying all of these soon.

the messy side ponytail. directions here

three twisted buns, directions here

braided bun directions here

braided crown directions here