my friend Trev

I'm often a lucky recipient of this stuff, 
he likes to send me these special things in the mail.
also, these videos! 
they're only seconds long,
check them out. 


twenty-four years old today. 
boyfriend's making me a delicious cake and we have soooo much fresh food. 
if you're in Richmond and hungry, come to our house.
oh yeah, cute little crop top is a present from boyfriend's mom, 
the roses are from my fam.


i want fancy cheese

Having a full time job does crazy things to me.
Crazy things like buying $170 jeans (discounted a little, of course)
And wanting things ALL the time, when I need No things...Nothings!
Make money, spend money. Such a dumb concept.
My favorite material things were always those that I worked hard to find
they cost little, and were hidden among the other junk
in grungy and crowded thrift stores & flea markets.
Here, in the big city, they shops are just as dirty and overpopulated,
but prices are so high,
and awesome finds are fewer (maybe not such a bad thing)...
More hunters, less to gather, you know.

Here's how life was for a minute:
I started my new job.
There was an earthquake.
My bike got stolen.
There was a hurricane (note doggy in rain jacket).
I found some cool antique furniture at a good price.
Phil and I made a wall collage.
I didn't cut my hair (but I almost did).
I found some more cool shit at good prices.

I'm off to the store for some fancy cheese. Hope whatever you're wanting you're getting!