lighting matches to watch them burn.

sometimes, i feel like this is what i'm doing in my life.

action without intention.

i felt very refreshed and alive on my little trip this past week.

so now,

back in the rabbit hole...

things seem to be as usual. and i'm loving this weather.


i'd like to share a little about my trip to Omaha. i'm not sure that it could have been any better. i fell in love, really. like i always do.

Aside from the greyhound screw up on my way to Omaha (i was supposed to arrive at 10am on Saturday but didn't get there till 9pm) the trip was flawless. Omaha is a great mixture of a place, i felt so at home but like i was in a progressive, hip city, too. People are so friendly and laid back. There are lots of different parts of the city that each have their own character. I don't think i know enough to choose a favorite.

As far as greyhound goes, i ended up enjoying the experience. A good friend of mine reminded me that you see America on these buses, not in what's passing outside but in the people that are sitting among you. Very true.

after finally getting to board a bus at 5am, this is the first thing i saw then i came to somewhere in Mizzouri
i arrived in Kansas City around 9 am and finally got a ride to Des Moines, Iowa around 1:30
it looks good, in a very greasy burger and fries kind of way. but it wasn't.

but there were some stylish stranded travelers who let me take their photo

and then, in Des Moines, IA, i wandered around and took some photos, too. 

Finally, M came to the rescue and picked me up from Greyhound, Omaha around 9pm. Over a full 24 hours of Greyhound stations, buses, hearing and overhearing life on the road...to somewhere.

After a good nights sleep, all was smooth sailing and puppy love for me in Omaha. Met some really cool folks, ate delicious food every single meal, and of course, did way too much shopping. 

First we visited the lovely Julia, where we had an origami craft breakfast.

Then it was on to La Buvette, a fancy French restaurant that i accidentally kept calling La Buffant.

there were dominos on the floor, old movies, and all the best food.

a grizzly bear documentary from the 60s.

It was really cool to see how Revival measures up to other shops, especially in a stylish city like Omaha. It felt good to see that a lot of what the second hand/vintage shops offer as their styled looks for the season are the same that i've been projecting for the shop. Think: drapey silk blouses, high waist shorts, vintage Levis, lace up ankle boots and oxfords, florals, nautical stripes, classic bags and shoes. These shops were very well put together and I enjoyed getting to talk to the people who worked there and ask questions about how they operated. Scout Dry Goods was in Maranda's neighborhood in Dundee. Such a great place. Got a really cute top and several vintage post cards to share and save. 

I visited a wonderful junk store, Joe's, which i spent hours in. 

And of course, i came home with a bunch of shit i don't need.

I also bought the most amazing 70's jumpsuit and a black sequined vest from this super cool vintage shop called The Flying Worm, which i will certainly be blogging about later. The man who owns it is actually a vintage wholesaler to Europe and Asia and has warehouses full of antique/vintage goodies. The girl who ran and managed the shop was super cool and friendly, too. If you're ever in Omaha, this is a must visit place.

Sorry for the long post. Had a lot to share. Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely spring weather and had some adventures of their own this past week or some to look forward to in the future. See you guys back at the shop on Monday.