this and that

i believe that the best photo's come from the otherwise mundane. when you actually take the time to look around you want to photograph everything! i take so many pictures everyday (at least when my camera isn't missing, which it seems to be at the moment)and i have so many shots that will never see the light of day the internet. this is the blessing and curse of the digital age. all of these are shot with my crappy little hand-me-down kodak or even my camera phone, unless otherwise noted.

here are a few pictures from life around my house. nothin much, just a few things at home that caught my eye. some in season pears my dad brought over. two delicious recipes from kate miss of for me, for you (baked pears and red onion-so good; and a butternut squash, spinach, and goat cheese pie-incredible!) also, my boyfriend's homemade zucchini bread. my terribly cluttered & rather dull looking work space. lots of goods that are going in my shop, REVIVAL, soon. Some postcards from Budapest and magazine clippings from my european travels over the summer.

happy looking : )


I can't get too much into my life without introducing you to my buddy, mooney. I adopted mooney from a local shelter in the summer of 2006 and he has been bringing me happy, cuddly, cooing joy ever since. Recently, in the last year or so, he has really matured and become such a loyal pup. Though he was always a loving and easy going dog, he would often run off at first sight of a bird, cat, mailman, etc. Not having to have him on a leash has made life so much easier on myself and phil(my boyfriend who you will meet soon).


Doin my thang

So i hope this blog actually sees the light of day, unlike all of its sad, aborted brothers and sisters that never came to fruition. I truly, truly enjoy the time i spend looking at blogs, getting inspiration from other people's day to day lives and creativity. I wish that I had a better camera, or perhaps just a steadier hand or more intuitive eye, but i will be posting photos of things that catch my eye or make me happy. I will also be including a lot of updates about the boutique that i am in the process of opening. Revival is the name that i had in mind originally, and after a long period of indecision, lots of asking other people's opinions, and a giant facebook poll, i think i have decided to stick with the plan and go with my gut. Revival means a reemergence of the past, and that is what i hope my store will be and inspire. More information about myself and my store to come. I hope(and my neighbors sure will be happy) when this trailer full of junk gets out of my carport. happy wednesday night. :)


chicken with ma head cut off

been home for no time at all and things are already crazy busy. making back all the money i blew traveling, getting things ready for the boutique, catching up with friends, trying out new recipes, and reading a lot for class. i feel like a chicken with its head cut off.