saturday grooves

i think it's still saturday in murray!

last year i lost ALL of my music that was on my ipod/itunes. something went wrong and i just cleared everything, one of those freak formatting accidents. anyhow, my old computer, which needs a literal boot smacking it around to boot up, still has a few things on it. i listened to this entire album friday morning and danced all over my house, it was definitely stuck in my head the rest of the day, which was perfectly fine with me. there's not a song on this record i don't enjoy. can't believe it's been a few years since i've heard it. hope you enjoy.

it's an accident that both of the songs i posted are the slow and sad ones. there are some great rock and roll moments on this record, and i think a song with the del mccourey band. i won't lie, i love these good ol break your heart ones. but theres so much more to the whole album than that.

on a mostly unrelated note, i was searching for telephone road, and instead this rodney crowell video popped up with the same name, however, very, very different. the video is the best part. it's really pretty goofy in it's trying to be cool, and of course i can't help but love it.

yeah, that was silly. anyway, go listen to that steve earle record. 


rain drops keep falling on my head

weather makes me laugh. i'm sure not everyone has the ability to roll with mother nature as i do in my "line of work". honestly, i felt super stifled at the store by 2pm today. no internet all week long has made me go a bit crazy, i have to admit. it's shameful how terribly addicted i am to the ability to be connected to my alternate reality that is the online blogosphere, my etsy, even facebook, sadly enough. so no one was coming in because of the crazy monsoon like rain, so i shut down around 4:30 to get to the internet so i could get some blog and etsy work done. i did, however, have one customer today. i sold a super cute pair of boots in the shop that were listed online so i had to get on etsy and take them down asap so know one else tried to buy them. for some reason i was kind of bummed it wasn't on etsy. i sold them for seven dollars cheaper in the shop then online. here they are, audrey modeled them for me the other day while we were on a fun drive/photoshoot.

so, i don't usually do this but i'd like to share how my day went today. it's been amusing. moondog woke me up around 7 this morning howling like a crazy houndog. i should have known better than to think he actually just needed to go out to pee. i opened the door to let him out in the backyard to watch that white ball of fur take off like a jackrabbit for olive st. and the rest of the hood (yes, i've alluded to houndogs and jackrabbits in this post!), in the ridiculously pouring rain, mind you. luckily he showed back up right around 10am, in my weird dream i was hearing  his jingling collar when i realized he was actually outside. i let in the muddy, soaking wet dog and could only laugh. i decided, for the second day in a row, that i was going to wear some parachute pants. i know they look like shit on me. i can't help but like them, though. the ones from today i bought in new orleans 2 years ago when phil and i went for a week and explored. i've worn them around the house and maybe one other time, but today i wore them up to the shop.
after i actually got in the shower and washed off this silly dog.

anyhow, sorry for the unusually long and rambling post. i think it's because i've had no net all week! i needed to vent. i've written alot in my journals this week and there are literally 50+ post-it notes with little ideas stuck all over my walls. going to louisville this weekend. excited to get away, catch up with phil's fam, and do a fun photo shoot with some super cool girls, one who is the manager at a ridiculously rad vintage shop in lexington called street scene. gotsta run pack. adios, amigs!

oh yeah, here are these silly pants. first photo is from today, wore them tucked into my work boots

today's rainy day parachute pants
and yesterday's outfit, french inspired with my black lace up platforms. i am no m.c hammer, or cute euro girl. but by god i will still wear parachute pants, even if they look like homeless bag lady on me. so sew me.
eurotrip parachute pants from zara that i wore yesterday


saturday grooves on sunday

i have messed this up already, my lack of internet combined with an overall failure to stick to a schedule doesn't help matters. i'll go ahead and explain i have no legitimate source of internet access. i can bum it from the bowling alley SOMETIMES, when the waves and tubes are feeling generous, and i have ZERO internet connection at home. i decided it was an expense i didn't really need. so anyhow, saturday grooves on sunday, here we go.

this song has been stuck in my head all week. i have this wonderful idea of doing a remake and music video of this song with females, dancing around clapping and singing this lovely and hilarious tune. i think it would be extremely fun to do. so brought to you by the 1960's and Jimmy Soul

i've known this song since elementary school thanks to the awesome 1995 movie soundtrack for Now and Then. Lots of bloggers have been giving shout outs to this movie lately. i have such a great memory of watching this movie over and over as a eight/nine year old girl, laughing hysterically at naked little boy butts, and feeling so empowered and inspired by this kick ass group of girl in the 60's who i admired so much.

roberta, sam, chrissy, and teeny
god, this movie has such a great cast. aside from the main characters, we had some janeane garofalo action, brenden frasier as hot vietnam deserter, devin sawa, bonnie hunt, demi moore, etc. etc. every little girl had their favorite character and the one which they most associated with or desired to be. anyhow, enough 90's nostalgia for one day. aside from how fantastic the movie was, the soundtrack could not have possibly been better. Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Allman Bros. Dianna Ross, The Monkees, The Hollies, The Archies, Free, 60's music perfection. anyhow, i'll leave you with a few more songs. happy sunday, pals.


the snail and the cyclops

i've blabbed on before about how connected the blog world is. and i've mentioned forrestbound's alice saunders on the shop's blog, here. i stayed up very late on new years eve, not to watch the ball drop, or drink lots of champagne, but backtracking and devouring all the dainty cuteness of the snail and the cyclops. i had checked her blog out a few times before but it never hooked me like it did that insomnia ridden evening. of course, the snail and the cyclops girl and alice from forrestbound are not only bff's who used to live together in boston, they actually created their blogs to share their lives with one another after they were separated on different coasts.

anyhow, the snail and the cyclops gal (i'll keep referring to her as such since i don't know her name) has a very successfulness etsy sight 1385 vintage where she sells mostly antique garments from before the 70's. she frequently mentions her grandmother's home as a source for lots of found goodies, and her latest post was a serious of photos actually taken at the home, whose address revealed the origin of her etsy name. i'll quit talking and share some photos now.

happy friday.


feb brew rary

so, as dumb as i think valentines day is, i'm all about anytime someone wants to buy me dinner. phil put on the ol'elbow patches suit coat that i love and we ate a shit ton of delicious sushi at jasmine. 

as you can see, i really dressed up for the occasion. flannel and a bolo tie! i purchased that to sell on etsy but i 've really takin' a likin' to it myself.

as for things that are legitimately cool, unlike vday, local honey is at the top of my list. this was a present from phil, not because he had to, just because. or maybe because i kept using all his honey.

i've been drinking so much tea lately. feels so good.


new favorites and things

so, i am breaking my promise about adventuring snow photos. left my memory card in my computer at the shop all week/weekend and failed to snap any (digital) photos. the snow is all but gone with these lovely 55 days we've been enjoying, and that's just as well. i certainly (to be read as a stooge would say it) won't cry about the snow being gone. weather wise it should be an excellent week.

anyhow, been oogling or as my friend once suggested blogoling over some new finds lately. heartcharlie.blogspot.com is the cutest little thing ever, i love her outfits and simple aesthetics (all the brick and mortar backgrounds are pretty pleasant, too). of course, she's a costume designer in brooklyn and her blog is wonderful.

she had this clever idea of turning an old sweatshirt into a new cardigan

i'm also loving this fun little food blog called what katie ate. not only does everything look delicious from my stomachs pov, it's down right pretty to look at, too.

happy warm monday!


bring it on!

got even more snow today. i totally love it. i had so much fun out playing and running around. hopefully more snow and exploring tomorrow. and pictures. yay for snow days.



so, today looks like this.

so, i am reading this...
it is excellent. it's actually in four parts, the last of which are conversations between Truman and several different people, some of my favorite being Marilyn Monroe and himself. i can't put this book down.

and listening to Tristen and the Ringers daytrotter session, which is really, really good.

happy snow day, folks.


dinner party

saturday grooves-legends

the 1970s = a good decade for clothes and country music. high waist bell bottoms, button ups, concert tees, leather everything. a lot of this was coolness that spilled over from the 60s, and a lot of it seemed to be an abandon for style all together. the look was comfortable and indifferent.

i've shared that the name of this blog comes from a Guy Clark song, and i promised forever ago that i would blog about one of my favorite documentaries, Heartworn Highways. today i finally follow through with that. Here are a few clips from the movie. the first is the very end of the film, that is a young (thin and handsome!) Steve Earle singing "Elijah's Church" and then Rodney Crowell, Guy Clark, his wife Suzanna, Steve Young and friends chiming in for a very drunken and lovely "Silent Night". How sweet.

this next clip from the film is one of my favorite songs of all time.

and, to start your saturday off right, bluebird wine. (i recommend dancing in your kitchen to this).