ahh, fall.



DIY: Metal Tipped Collar

I've been lusting after numerous metal tipped collars that I've seen all over the internetz and some that I've even had to handle and put the expensive tags on at my job. They're all so pricey, which really gets me down because they are also all pretty much sweatshop made, and I refuse to spend mass amounts of money on products where basically 0% of the profit goes to the person who made the garment. In this respect, designers (and the corporations who sell their brands )make me sick, but that's a tangent for another day.  Anyhow, a lovely little DIY from Cats & Rocking Chairs.

You'll need:
-Card Corners 
(Found at a craft or supply store, also used for photo edges in scrapbooking)
-Matching (or not) thread
-Sewing needle
-Any pointed collar blouse 
(I'm going to use one of the many silk ones I've thrifted over the years)

Good luck, friends!


Menswear in a Woman's World

errday, allday

Menswear, Menswear, Menswear!

Sick of me blogging about this yet?

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, fall.