i'm obsessed

officially. i've been wistfully looking through these photos of brooklyn apartments by a nyc photographer  on her tumblr from me to you. all the photos have a particular look and feel, it can only be described as enviably creative/simple/chic. her work is fabulous, and (virtually) flipping through her stuff has led me to several other neat sites, designers, and people.  take a look. happy weekend :)


here along the way

my cousin Maranda is the coolest. she is, above all, a super awesome person who is always inspiring me and teaching me things, even if she doesn't know it. she is a mother, a really talented artist, a writer, a learner, and a fabulous cook. she is a printmaker, bookbinder, and an overall cutie. she is doing a residency in Wyoming currently, and blogging about it here, at herealongtheway. she also, after a great run at the Renegade Fair in Chicago, listed her hand-bound journals for sale on etsy. not only are they the perfect little book to write down your thoughts and tape your favorite things and photos in, but they all have original and unique stories on their covers thought up and sewn by Maranda. They are called cloudstorybooks and you can find them here, on etsy, or here, on Main st. in Murray, Ky.


brighten up my day

prints are just the best. i think a home really feels like a home when it is covered in random things that feel special to the individual. i have never been much of an arteest, but i'm pretty talented at tearing things out and sticking them on walls. right now my house is pretty much bare, how sad, i think i've been going for that whole minimalistic thing, i guess.

sometimes i like things that are a bit more abstract, but these adorable prints from the wheatfield etsy shop are just too happy to not share.


this is neat

I recently stumbled upon this site pinterest, and was gushingly overwhelmed by, aside from all of the beautiful and inspiring photos and endless links to blogs, how user friendly and welcoming it is. Basically, it's one of those virtual saving's account websites for things that you like. I don't know if I will actually get into using it myself, but it sure is fun and cozy to see what things make other people happy. I guess that's basically what blogs are anyhow, but it seems this site is really personal and enormous at the same time. I kind of like that. It is a bit overwhelming at first, at least for me, because there are so many awesome photos of things i'm interested in, mainly cute clothes, comfy and attractive homes, recipes and cooking ideas, art, and people who seem to be enjoying themselves, all while looking effortlessly stylish.

I first saw pinterest on Kate Miss' for me-for you, she is just the best, isn't she? Anyhow, thought I would share as well.

I'm having trouble posting any photos directly from the site, so if you click the shot it will be from the original website, which is how it should be i guess, right? You'll just have to check out pinterest for yourself. Hope you enjoy.