best of luck

I can't even explain to you the ridiculous amount of good fortune I've been having lately. First, I got the job I'd been pining for! I will explain more in the future, but tomorrow is my first day and I can't wait.

As if that weren't enough, I've had great luck with deals the last few days. Phil and I went for a bike ride Saturday and happened upon a yard sale. Got those four Beatles records for $10! And, that Guatemalan duffel bag, which is huge, for $3!

Also, that pair of 90s ankle boots I found at a thrift store for a song, and that little print blouse in the last photo, too.

Anyway, still no internet at home, so I'm always rushed when I get my fix, but I want to know how everyone else's luck has been lately.

Hope everyone's end of summer/beginning of fall is getting off to a good start!


I know, I know, but...

I know it's too soon to be homesick, but right now i'm really missin...
hangin with these kids
beer with this girl
silly stuff with friends
lazy days like this

and my dad
 oh and grandparents
and lets be real here, just normal life in general is amiss right now.

come on richmond folks...
give me a job!
or just be my friend...
sit around with me
tell me stories
i'll cook you dinner...
let's go shopping!

anything would be nice...

not homesick, but maybe a little bored...