miss caitlin rose

so, i've been kind of obsessively listening to young, nashville twang thang caitlin rose for a few years now. three years ago i stumbled upon her music on myspace. a cute girl singing classic country tunes with a spunky i'll-get-drunker-and-sing-sadder-than-hank-williams attitude, but still fully possessing her own original on the scene newness. i saw her play at exit/inn back last spring, with a full band and the whole shabang. her new (& second full length) record, Own Side Now, is selling like hot cakes(with crack in them)in the UK and all over europe. really happy that she's doin her thang and getting noticed for it. i do think that the new album sounds distinctly nashville studio arranged, but what the hell do i know. i have always had an affinity for slow, simple, heart aching songs. it puts most to sleep or makes them crazy. this new album will do neither, but it might get you tappin your toe and doin the twist. or whatever kind of dancin you do. it also, lucky for me,doesn't disappoint on the heartache bit. i overplayed her Daytrotter Session tape when it came out in May and am now enjoying the tunes 'some things have got to change' and the amazing fleetwood mac cover 'that's alright'(never thought i'd like one as much as the original, but this one is easily as enjoyable) on Own Side Now.

for a sneak peek and the full blown deets on the songs making up her new album, check out her song by song liner notes on drownedinsound.

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