best of luck

I can't even explain to you the ridiculous amount of good fortune I've been having lately. First, I got the job I'd been pining for! I will explain more in the future, but tomorrow is my first day and I can't wait.

As if that weren't enough, I've had great luck with deals the last few days. Phil and I went for a bike ride Saturday and happened upon a yard sale. Got those four Beatles records for $10! And, that Guatemalan duffel bag, which is huge, for $3!

Also, that pair of 90s ankle boots I found at a thrift store for a song, and that little print blouse in the last photo, too.

Anyway, still no internet at home, so I'm always rushed when I get my fix, but I want to know how everyone else's luck has been lately.

Hope everyone's end of summer/beginning of fall is getting off to a good start!

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