the ugliest pilgrim

So, remember this post, about going to Nebraska? Yeah, well , it's for real now. It will be for real for real when i get on a greyhound this evening and begin my journey. I've been thinking about this awesome short story, i believe by Dorris Betts, called The Ugliest Pilgrim. It's a hilarious tale of Violet, a poor ugly soul heading to the big city to be healed of her ugliness by a famous television evangelist. She meets some super interesting characters along the way who both sort of fall in love with her. It's hilarious and heartbreaking and really, really good writing.

Anyway, maybe i'll update about the trip when I get to my destination. Can't wait to see M. I will be missing some new friends and great oldies back at home over break. I'll just say this: I've come to realize lately how important genuine people are in your life. Having hours long conversations with friends can be the most inspiring thing.

Adios, amigs.

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