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i believe that the best photo's come from the otherwise mundane. when you actually take the time to look around you want to photograph everything! i take so many pictures everyday (at least when my camera isn't missing, which it seems to be at the moment)and i have so many shots that will never see the light of day the internet. this is the blessing and curse of the digital age. all of these are shot with my crappy little hand-me-down kodak or even my camera phone, unless otherwise noted.

here are a few pictures from life around my house. nothin much, just a few things at home that caught my eye. some in season pears my dad brought over. two delicious recipes from kate miss of for me, for you (baked pears and red onion-so good; and a butternut squash, spinach, and goat cheese pie-incredible!) also, my boyfriend's homemade zucchini bread. my terribly cluttered & rather dull looking work space. lots of goods that are going in my shop, REVIVAL, soon. Some postcards from Budapest and magazine clippings from my european travels over the summer.

happy looking : )

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