Doin my thang

So i hope this blog actually sees the light of day, unlike all of its sad, aborted brothers and sisters that never came to fruition. I truly, truly enjoy the time i spend looking at blogs, getting inspiration from other people's day to day lives and creativity. I wish that I had a better camera, or perhaps just a steadier hand or more intuitive eye, but i will be posting photos of things that catch my eye or make me happy. I will also be including a lot of updates about the boutique that i am in the process of opening. Revival is the name that i had in mind originally, and after a long period of indecision, lots of asking other people's opinions, and a giant facebook poll, i think i have decided to stick with the plan and go with my gut. Revival means a reemergence of the past, and that is what i hope my store will be and inspire. More information about myself and my store to come. I hope(and my neighbors sure will be happy) when this trailer full of junk gets out of my carport. happy wednesday night. :)

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