this is neat

I recently stumbled upon this site pinterest, and was gushingly overwhelmed by, aside from all of the beautiful and inspiring photos and endless links to blogs, how user friendly and welcoming it is. Basically, it's one of those virtual saving's account websites for things that you like. I don't know if I will actually get into using it myself, but it sure is fun and cozy to see what things make other people happy. I guess that's basically what blogs are anyhow, but it seems this site is really personal and enormous at the same time. I kind of like that. It is a bit overwhelming at first, at least for me, because there are so many awesome photos of things i'm interested in, mainly cute clothes, comfy and attractive homes, recipes and cooking ideas, art, and people who seem to be enjoying themselves, all while looking effortlessly stylish.

I first saw pinterest on Kate Miss' for me-for you, she is just the best, isn't she? Anyhow, thought I would share as well.

I'm having trouble posting any photos directly from the site, so if you click the shot it will be from the original website, which is how it should be i guess, right? You'll just have to check out pinterest for yourself. Hope you enjoy.

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