i'm obsessed

officially. i've been wistfully looking through these photos of brooklyn apartments by a nyc photographer  on her tumblr from me to you. all the photos have a particular look and feel, it can only be described as enviably creative/simple/chic. her work is fabulous, and (virtually) flipping through her stuff has led me to several other neat sites, designers, and people.  take a look. happy weekend :)


  1. Your blog posts are awesome on both fronts! But I noticed, as you said, that on the Old Revival Boutique blog, you cannot comment. I tried again, and have no clue how this happened. We need to change this...perhaps I will have to go wandering through the HTML codes again and fix it...hmmm???

  2. just stumbled over here to your lovely blog! I would LOVE to own my own shop...maybe one day! Hope you are having a pleasant weekend!

  3. Thanks, Evie! From browsing your blog i'd say you are certainly qualified to do so!

    Best Wishes to you,