The dire need to pack and prepare myself to move 
has turned me into a complete crazy, 
so Phil and I took off to the lake to chill and get away 
from the mess that is my house 
and my overwhelming load of possessions, 
all of which need to be donated, 
sold, and maybe the special things stored away. 
It's come to this- - this being that we can't afford 
and will probably be better off 
taking only what we can fit in our little cars. 
Clothes, books, dishes, and some keepsakes 
are all I guess I can bring along...
I'm sure in the long run it will be best to start fresh, 
but right now it's all freaking me out 
and making me depressed. 
I obviously do not handle change well. 
I hope this turns out to be a good learning experience, 
one that makes me realize 
that all of this negative energy i'm spewing out
 is only crippling me - now and forever. 
I've got to shake this funk real soon 
before it gets the best of me.

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  1. Ow-oww, Kels! These crazy/depressed feelings do not show through in these pics. You just look like one chilled out, bombshell. Plus, just remember: crazy people are so much more fun than normal ones. You do have a lot of cool stuff, but I'm sure a fresh start will also be nice and cleansing. If you ever want to literally shake off the funk, come to Nash and will go out dancing.