right now i like...

illustrations by this girl.
and style and design by this girl. 
(also, the fact that you can wear scarves and sweaters year long in Seattle)

I guess it would be ridiculous not to mention
 that i'm also quite in love with this girl
A few nights ago I actually read 
her entire blog, back two or three years.
Just one more way I avoid all the moving and packing I need to be doing...


  1. I do the same thing when I get hooked on a new blog...just read it straight through and ignore everything else.
    Those illustrations are brilliant!
    Thanks for your comment, I hope that you are feeling better about blogging!

  2. i love blushing ambition as well - always so stylish!

  3. I don't think that was us you saw, there's no way my dog can walk that far. hahaha. but yeah, if you see us, plz say hay