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normally, i don't often post about things of an intimate-ish nature on this blog. however, today, i am feeling in such a mood that i will share a lifelong issue of mine that may be a bit more than anyone cares to read about.

i will not say that i hate having small breasts. actually, in many ways it has been nice to not have to worry with a lot of things that most big boobied girls may have to deal with. usually, clothes hang sort of nicely on my small chested frame. since i was about 17, i pretty much stopped wearing a bra unless there was some occasion that i felt it was just completely inappropriate and noticeable to free boob it. let me note that not wearing a bra is not a purposeful statement or even a desired choice, really. it all comes down to the fact that i simply can never find a bra that actually fits. If bras were made for people like myself (i am not a small girl, i simply have small breasts) then i would wear something like a 36A. i can never, ever find this size though, EVER. when i look to sales associates for help, they simply shrug and say sorry, we're out of those, or we don't carry them. it has been explained to me that if they do carry that size, they usually only order one of it because it is so abnormal. (same with my size 10 feet. most stores only order one or two size tens. what an affliction, small boobs and big feet!) even if i do find the particular size, it still doesn't actually fit right.

so, i have recently begun trying bandeau styles(still having similar issues, but a bit more luck) and searching online and handmade to find something that works. still little success. anyhow, i felt it fine and a bit funny to share this frustration. anyone who knows where to find a custom fit brazier let a girl know!

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  1. I feel your pain well with the shoe aspect. haha I always wanted smaller breasts because I thought women with smaller chest looked classier. Having a size 10 foot is slightly aggravating because there is always such a limited amount of CUTE shoes.