whole lotta new

so, jeez, i don't even know where to begin. has everyone recovered from the boob post? a bit too much? whatever. it's my blog--i do what i want! but really, i do do what i want. i'm very lucky and very spoiled. my little shop has probably left me at a loss for any sense of reality. i pretty much do as i please. successes are successes and failures are failures and no one seems to be dying or living by any of this. with all of that vague babble said, i will tell you what this is all really about.

i believe i have decided to move at the end of the summer with my boyfriend to Richmond, Virginia. he will be going to VCU (a graduate student and teaching assistant) and i will be....going. i haven't made plans or really done much searching for jobs there. while i do have a college degree(in english lit and creative writing), i'm not sure what i want to do, so i'm in no huge rush to hit the 9 to 5 scene just yet. it would be ridiculously amazing to be able to run another shop, but i don't know how feasible that idea actually is. i've been scoping out the scene in Richmond and there only appears to be one vintage esque boutique. so we shall see.

anyway, i know this is huge news, but lets get back to the here and now. this past weekend, i stocked up on so much vintage! good lord, so much vintage. very excited to get that all photographed and up in the etsy shop. also, took some great photos last week for a little store lookbook, very excited to share those, too.

oo lalala

ooo la la
vintage dresses being reworked 

amazingly cute boots for the shop

vintage bling 

adorable collars and a 50s hat

me and my bebe store

new tags


Sally, my beautiful model, was a complete natural! And she has such a model body. This girl needs to be working it all over the runway!

Well, happy monday, folks.


  1. Love those first two tops! AND good luck in Richmond! I envy you not jumping into the 9-5 scene...I was an English major too...I mean...aside from teaching what ARE we supposed to do with THAT?

  2. Oh my gosh, I know! So are you a teacher now? I see you always finding awesome thrift finds but have never concluded what you do for a living. I've never been to Richmond before, i'm very excited(and a bit nervous)!