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My lovely friend Sarah and I were talking the other day (over the telephone, which we do frequently since she lives in Forbach, France) about a particular lookbooker's style whom I absolutely adore. Sarah noted that it had a very "masculine" element to it, which prompted me to realize, again, how much menswear always creeps its way into my style, no matter what i'm wearing. In 2007 I took a fashion marketing course for which we had to choose a trend and cover it all semester in our trend report. Then, a newly 20 year old still trying to find my style, I sort of chose menswear on a whim. Now, nearly four years later, I realize over and over again how much I love the classic and timeless look for both sexes. I do love a nice high waist skirt or a good dress now and again, but I always go back to my favorite basics. Blazers, cardigans, button downs, trousers...

After our talk, Sarah shared Paul Smith's collection with me, which I have not stopped looking at since. Thanks, Sar.

and thanks AJ, the blogger who inspired our whole menswear conversation. found on lookbook while searching for stylish folks in Richmond, VA. how can you not love her look? it's so classic and funky at the same time, which can be really difficult to pull off. all her posted looks appear effortless.

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