pick your jaw up off the floor

oh holy moly cow. how gorgeous are these?
had a comment from the coolest 13 year old ever from the Netherlands! oh how that made my day. this savy little teenage fashion queen, carlijn, shared these amazing summer collection photos from the Australian clothing shop minkpink. (interesting fact: summer is ending and fall is heading in for the Ausis now.) oh yeah, seriously, watch this video. it's an accompanying video for the collection.

crazy 100 mph winds last night did quite a number all over my area of the country. woke up to huge, ancient(not really, but old) trees uprooted all over everywhere, no power, and the realization that today was...sort of like a day off! 

power is back on now and i'm just sitting at the shop feeling very inspired and conjuring up how I want to put together some vintage beauties for my next look book...


  1. I love the Minkpink look... I would love to save for one of their pieces, although I'm not sure they'd look as good away from the Lookbooks!

    By the way, I appreciated your comment in the vintage debate! I think my problem stems from the over trendifying of vintage these days. I feel as though everyone (at least in places like London) is very intent on their vintage credentials, and it has almost become a brand in that sense. And it sparks rising prices not only for vintage but in thrift stores in general... I think it's trends I don't like!

  2. You are so right, Emily! It's definitely a trend that is causing an increase in thrift store prices and that is not good for people like us who like to conserve our pennies and look good! I hadn't even thought about it in that way.
    I've never been to London, but it seems everyone wears vintage and a sort of thrifted, thrown together look. Seeing as the "street style" thrifted look is so in, I can definitely see how the prices would be sky high! I can still get dresses for $3 here in my small Kentucky town, yet two hours away in trendy, hip Nashville, TN they would be $15-$30. You raise a very, very good point. If you ever come visit America I will definitely share all of my super cheap thrift places. There are some stores that still sell things for 25 cent a lb!