watch who yer callin curvy!

So, if any of you saw the Sartorialist post a week or so ago,  you know that the never too politically correct Scott Schuman certainly ruffled the feathers of a whole lots of folks! Near 2000 or so, by describing this young french girl as part of the "new generation of bigger bloggers" and saying she was "sturdy; bigger; curvier", people were going nuts!

This prompted Scott to launch a conversation "to help him understand" a better way to describe this woman. He said using the word normal would be incorrect as well. I think Scott seems like a really cool, down to earth guy, despite all his success and fame, and I like the way he handled the whole situation. And oh yeah, the only person who didn't seem to mind? The french girl herself! She seemed quite flattered. I'm sure her blog has gotten non-stop attention since the incident anyhow, so it really seemed to work out. I think she's absolutely stunning and a real sweetheart from the way she addressed the situation. So describe her any way you want, she doesn't seem to mind. I think i'll use "babe".

she's really more of a street style photographer, anyhow, but i love seeing her own style and how she works around that "curvy" figure or hers.
happy monday, yall. cheers!


  1. Seriously? He called her curvy? I must be fat then. I do like the Sartorialist, and the way he often handles these debates he stirs up, but I just don't understand how she could be considered "bigger."

  2. I know. Oh, Scott. Such a dude. Ha.

    p.s-just looked at your blog. you are tiny!