saturday grooves on sunday

i have messed this up already, my lack of internet combined with an overall failure to stick to a schedule doesn't help matters. i'll go ahead and explain i have no legitimate source of internet access. i can bum it from the bowling alley SOMETIMES, when the waves and tubes are feeling generous, and i have ZERO internet connection at home. i decided it was an expense i didn't really need. so anyhow, saturday grooves on sunday, here we go.

this song has been stuck in my head all week. i have this wonderful idea of doing a remake and music video of this song with females, dancing around clapping and singing this lovely and hilarious tune. i think it would be extremely fun to do. so brought to you by the 1960's and Jimmy Soul

i've known this song since elementary school thanks to the awesome 1995 movie soundtrack for Now and Then. Lots of bloggers have been giving shout outs to this movie lately. i have such a great memory of watching this movie over and over as a eight/nine year old girl, laughing hysterically at naked little boy butts, and feeling so empowered and inspired by this kick ass group of girl in the 60's who i admired so much.

roberta, sam, chrissy, and teeny
god, this movie has such a great cast. aside from the main characters, we had some janeane garofalo action, brenden frasier as hot vietnam deserter, devin sawa, bonnie hunt, demi moore, etc. etc. every little girl had their favorite character and the one which they most associated with or desired to be. anyhow, enough 90's nostalgia for one day. aside from how fantastic the movie was, the soundtrack could not have possibly been better. Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, Allman Bros. Dianna Ross, The Monkees, The Hollies, The Archies, Free, 60's music perfection. anyhow, i'll leave you with a few more songs. happy sunday, pals.


  1. Ha! Ditto. I ADORED this movie and the soundtrack.

    P.S.-- I can't seem to stick to a blogger schedule either. Fun French Facts Friday has only landed on Friday once, I think.

  2. who needs schedules!

    by the way, bummed i missed your call yesterday. hope to talk to you soon.