the snail and the cyclops

i've blabbed on before about how connected the blog world is. and i've mentioned forrestbound's alice saunders on the shop's blog, here. i stayed up very late on new years eve, not to watch the ball drop, or drink lots of champagne, but backtracking and devouring all the dainty cuteness of the snail and the cyclops. i had checked her blog out a few times before but it never hooked me like it did that insomnia ridden evening. of course, the snail and the cyclops girl and alice from forrestbound are not only bff's who used to live together in boston, they actually created their blogs to share their lives with one another after they were separated on different coasts.

anyhow, the snail and the cyclops gal (i'll keep referring to her as such since i don't know her name) has a very successfulness etsy sight 1385 vintage where she sells mostly antique garments from before the 70's. she frequently mentions her grandmother's home as a source for lots of found goodies, and her latest post was a serious of photos actually taken at the home, whose address revealed the origin of her etsy name. i'll quit talking and share some photos now.

happy friday.

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