saturday grooves

i think it's still saturday in murray!

last year i lost ALL of my music that was on my ipod/itunes. something went wrong and i just cleared everything, one of those freak formatting accidents. anyhow, my old computer, which needs a literal boot smacking it around to boot up, still has a few things on it. i listened to this entire album friday morning and danced all over my house, it was definitely stuck in my head the rest of the day, which was perfectly fine with me. there's not a song on this record i don't enjoy. can't believe it's been a few years since i've heard it. hope you enjoy.

it's an accident that both of the songs i posted are the slow and sad ones. there are some great rock and roll moments on this record, and i think a song with the del mccourey band. i won't lie, i love these good ol break your heart ones. but theres so much more to the whole album than that.

on a mostly unrelated note, i was searching for telephone road, and instead this rodney crowell video popped up with the same name, however, very, very different. the video is the best part. it's really pretty goofy in it's trying to be cool, and of course i can't help but love it.

yeah, that was silly. anyway, go listen to that steve earle record. 

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