new favorites and things

so, i am breaking my promise about adventuring snow photos. left my memory card in my computer at the shop all week/weekend and failed to snap any (digital) photos. the snow is all but gone with these lovely 55 days we've been enjoying, and that's just as well. i certainly (to be read as a stooge would say it) won't cry about the snow being gone. weather wise it should be an excellent week.

anyhow, been oogling or as my friend once suggested blogoling over some new finds lately. heartcharlie.blogspot.com is the cutest little thing ever, i love her outfits and simple aesthetics (all the brick and mortar backgrounds are pretty pleasant, too). of course, she's a costume designer in brooklyn and her blog is wonderful.

she had this clever idea of turning an old sweatshirt into a new cardigan

i'm also loving this fun little food blog called what katie ate. not only does everything look delicious from my stomachs pov, it's down right pretty to look at, too.

happy warm monday!

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