rain drops keep falling on my head

weather makes me laugh. i'm sure not everyone has the ability to roll with mother nature as i do in my "line of work". honestly, i felt super stifled at the store by 2pm today. no internet all week long has made me go a bit crazy, i have to admit. it's shameful how terribly addicted i am to the ability to be connected to my alternate reality that is the online blogosphere, my etsy, even facebook, sadly enough. so no one was coming in because of the crazy monsoon like rain, so i shut down around 4:30 to get to the internet so i could get some blog and etsy work done. i did, however, have one customer today. i sold a super cute pair of boots in the shop that were listed online so i had to get on etsy and take them down asap so know one else tried to buy them. for some reason i was kind of bummed it wasn't on etsy. i sold them for seven dollars cheaper in the shop then online. here they are, audrey modeled them for me the other day while we were on a fun drive/photoshoot.

so, i don't usually do this but i'd like to share how my day went today. it's been amusing. moondog woke me up around 7 this morning howling like a crazy houndog. i should have known better than to think he actually just needed to go out to pee. i opened the door to let him out in the backyard to watch that white ball of fur take off like a jackrabbit for olive st. and the rest of the hood (yes, i've alluded to houndogs and jackrabbits in this post!), in the ridiculously pouring rain, mind you. luckily he showed back up right around 10am, in my weird dream i was hearing  his jingling collar when i realized he was actually outside. i let in the muddy, soaking wet dog and could only laugh. i decided, for the second day in a row, that i was going to wear some parachute pants. i know they look like shit on me. i can't help but like them, though. the ones from today i bought in new orleans 2 years ago when phil and i went for a week and explored. i've worn them around the house and maybe one other time, but today i wore them up to the shop.
after i actually got in the shower and washed off this silly dog.

anyhow, sorry for the unusually long and rambling post. i think it's because i've had no net all week! i needed to vent. i've written alot in my journals this week and there are literally 50+ post-it notes with little ideas stuck all over my walls. going to louisville this weekend. excited to get away, catch up with phil's fam, and do a fun photo shoot with some super cool girls, one who is the manager at a ridiculously rad vintage shop in lexington called street scene. gotsta run pack. adios, amigs!

oh yeah, here are these silly pants. first photo is from today, wore them tucked into my work boots

today's rainy day parachute pants
and yesterday's outfit, french inspired with my black lace up platforms. i am no m.c hammer, or cute euro girl. but by god i will still wear parachute pants, even if they look like homeless bag lady on me. so sew me.
eurotrip parachute pants from zara that i wore yesterday


  1. Personally, I think the parachute zara pants suit you way better than any "euro girl" could. In fact, I'm quite jealous. They make me look like I'm one of those mom's who volunteered to work the concession stand at a basketball game (yeah, I have a specific image in mind).

    P.S. I like to rambling.

    P.S.S.--I hope you got a fortune for those boots because they are glorious.

  2. sar, i love your comments. thanks for them very much, make the whole blog worth it. a whopping $20 for the boots. they were for 27 online....oh well...

  3. legs are super long in the parachute-pant photos, jsyk