saturday grooves-legends

the 1970s = a good decade for clothes and country music. high waist bell bottoms, button ups, concert tees, leather everything. a lot of this was coolness that spilled over from the 60s, and a lot of it seemed to be an abandon for style all together. the look was comfortable and indifferent.

i've shared that the name of this blog comes from a Guy Clark song, and i promised forever ago that i would blog about one of my favorite documentaries, Heartworn Highways. today i finally follow through with that. Here are a few clips from the movie. the first is the very end of the film, that is a young (thin and handsome!) Steve Earle singing "Elijah's Church" and then Rodney Crowell, Guy Clark, his wife Suzanna, Steve Young and friends chiming in for a very drunken and lovely "Silent Night". How sweet.

this next clip from the film is one of my favorite songs of all time.

and, to start your saturday off right, bluebird wine. (i recommend dancing in your kitchen to this).

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