hair & make-up

so, an obvious fact to anyone who knows me, i have never been too concerned with hair or make-up. my hair is basically the same as it has always been; long, uncolored, not really a styled cut, and aside from the occasional straightening, it usually just hangs pretty nondescriptly.

for the most part this has never bothered me, but lately, i have felt overly lame in the beauty department. my friend Audrey always has flawless make-up and amazing hair. And my friend Sarah just got back from France and was so kind to share her amazing Yves St. Laurent lipstick with me! It really changed my whole day, that expensive french lipstick.

Today, I stumbled upon the extremely popular A Cup Of Jo blog, where Joanna had shared these awesome and easy hair-dos. I will definitely be trying all of these soon.

the messy side ponytail. directions here

three twisted buns, directions here

braided bun directions here

braided crown directions here


  1. Thanks for posting these! I had seen the three buns one, but not the others! I've done that one a couple of times, but I have to modify it a bit from three to four (sometimes five) buns because of my hair thickness.

  2. Good to know! My hair is very thick to, i'm sure i'll have to do the same.

  3. Ok, I definitely need to check out these hair tutorials. I'm in such a hair rut (as usual). Also, I was just commenting elsewhere that my expensive-ish lipstick is sooo much better than my other lipstick. A total turnaround for me!