little house with a brick wall

Well, phil and i have found the perfect place, if only we could know that it will be ours. We're talking to realtors early in the morning, so maybe we'll know more then. for now, wishful thinking.
Images Ashley Helvey's place via the Design Sponge shoot

images via sleepy fawn
City living will be different, and something i've never experienced before, but i'm excited to try. The little place that we want has a backyard for moondog, one exposed brick wall that goes through the whole house, and a working fire place! let's keep our fingers crossed.

images via ringo, have a banana


  1. Your future home sounds lovely...I hope you get it! Love these images too, very inspiring...I'm hopefully moving soon & looking for ideas to make the place my own :)

  2. These images are awesome.