The Country Way

I wore this video out when it was posted in the winter. I sort of know Andrew through a mutual friend and have had a major girl crush on Caitlin Rose for years. I blogged about her in one of my first posts way back when (as in, like, september...).

Anyhow, I saw that this country music compilation had been put out with lots of new younger folks on the scene like Caitlin and Andrew, as well as Justin Townes Earle, Jessica Lea Mayfield the Apache Relay and my new favorite Middle Brother (mostly just because Deer Tick's John Mccauley). There are also some veteran badasses like Buddy Miller, Marty Stewart and Steve Earle, Justin's epic papa (they don't get links, they're too famous). So, I hope some of you folks enjoy this mix, and, this Middle Brother video (with Johnny Corndawg, another new fav of mine [who i just found out is sort of related to David Alan Coe!?] also included in the compilation). Alright, enough rambling.

Wow, has anyone ever seen so many links? Go wild, yall.

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