things of new

I'm currently writing from the lovely and ultra hip city of Richmond, Virginia. My bf and I are here apartment hunting for our move in August (I think we found a winner, but we shall see). Anyhow, right before we hit the road Thursday afternoon the mail fairy (aka the UPS lady) dropped off some gifts that I can't seem to stop impulsively purchasing offline.
wooden platform heels-actually super comfortable. via LuLu's

suede ankle boots via endless.com. they came in the very next day.

And some flea market finds as well.
adorable hat i'm in love with put will probably have to put up in my etsy (tis a little small for me).

Chanel inspired purse from Miss Martha's antique shop in Hazel, Ky. 

how cute are these!?

Annie Hall inspired vintage hat.

And another quilted chain strap purse.


  1. What the hell? these things are all amazing...especially the green hat, yellow shoes and you and me mugs. GAWLEE!

  2. Phil says:
    "You and Sarah need to find a way to take over."
    "I'm serious."
    "This is bullshit!"

    haha. at least we have one big fan.