well, la-di-da

 I love this saying. That's because it belongs to Annie Hall and my good guy friends (and woody allen fanatics) used to always tell me in high school that I was her and she was me and so, yeah.

Anyway, some fun was had yesterday in Audrey's back yard.
 Let's take a look at fun, shall we?

first, Audrey went and built herself a fire. she done did it.
Then, Aud took me from pre-bangs to shebangs! boom!


She's quite handy with the scissors. And pretty fun, too. 
And a good veggie dog cooker!

So, Thanks Aud!

And because my boyfriend has been listening to Fleet Foxes new album Helplessness Blues non-stop, here is Annie and Paul. (Just listen to the new album and you'll understand)

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues by subpop

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