The University has No Clothes

"American colleges have transformed from rigorous scholarly communities into corporate-minded youth resorts"

Great focus on the "un-college movement", investigating why college really isn't for everyone. There are actually grants supporting the movement, offering those age 19 and under $100,000 and an apprenticeship to put off college for at least two years and pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. 

photo by Andrew Eccles

This article, in New York Magazine  raises a really great argument, I think it is valid and true--but it should also be said that college is not worthless.The fact of the matter is that college really isn't for everyone, and if you do desire and plan on attending a university, it should be strictly for the purpose of a valid and equipping education, not just "oh, i'll party and have a good time and eventually come out with a degree". That just won't fly in this economy, and at the rate we are at and going, getting a minimum wage job with mediocre skill level and a college degree is no small feat. 

Let me also say, that I have nothing against partying and having a good time, I just think it's pretty brainless to pay $20,000 plus (this expense either for your parents or for you to accumulate a lot of debt) only to have waisted valuable years of your life and have progressed extremely little (Remember, kids: there are those that can work hard And play hard, you just ought to make sure you are one of them before you invest). I am speaking partly from experience and partly from a disgust with a lot of society's attitude towards education--it's partially ignorance that has caused the problem in the first place--getting parents and kids and everyone to buy into the idea that college is either an investment or a necessity, which isn't true. It has only decreased the value of education and at the same time completely spiked the cost of it.

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